Is your company ready for PSD2?

By January 2018 online marketplaces, online travel agencies and sharing economy platforms across the EU could have their business severely disrupted by the new Payment Services Directive (PSD2). This EU-wide legislation requires platforms that handle transactions between sellers and buyers to make drastic changes to their processes or face immediate penalties. Will your company be affected by PSD2? And, if so, what’s the next step? Find out now:

SlicePay: a PSD2 compliant solution

SlicePay is Acapture’s new solution for simplifying complex split settlements for companies that regularly need to divide money between two or more independent parties. As well as solving the issue of payment complexity, SlicePay is also 100% PSD2 compliant. With either part or all of your payment flow outsourced through this system, you will no longer need to make any changes to your business to operate. You can concentrate on developing your company, while Acapture takes care of PSD2.

Does PSD2 affect my organization?

PSD2 and online marketplaces

By 2020, online marketplaces will control 39% of online retail. Yet PSD2 could massively disrupt this sector. Find out what you need to know, what you need to do and how you should prepare in this free paper.

PSD2 and the sharing economy

The P2P sharing economy has revolutionized the way we access products and services. But how will PSD2 reshape this lucrative industry? Find out all you need to know in this free report.

PSD2 and online travel agencies

Online travel agencies could find their business hugely disrupted by PSD2. This free report details everything you need to know about how OTAs can meet the requirements of the new legislation.

Will PSD2 affect my organization?

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